Bed Room Tips For 2020

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Bed Room Tips
For 2020

Bed Room Tips For 2020

Its 2020 a new year and a great time to give your bed room
a great new look and feel now all the Christmas decorations
are all gone.
Your bed room should be a carm tranquil place not just to
sleep but give you a pleasant feeling when you go in your
bed room.

#1, Always keep your bed room clean and tidy, this will make
 you proud to go into your bed room and not just think i will
 close the door so know one will see it.

#2, Try and wash your bedding once a week, not just for hygiene,
 as it will smell nice and also make your bed room smell nice too,
 or try a room spray in what ever your favourite scent is.

#3, Add cushions and a throw to your bed, this will give and duvet cover
 a luxury look and feel, even if it was just an inexpensive duvet set.

#4, Small fluffy rugs are a good idea as when you get out of bed your
 feet will feel a soft texture, plus they look good too.

#5, The easiest thing you can do, its simple, make your bed when you
 get up, its probably the last thing you want to do in a morning if you are
 running late but it will make a big difference when you get home and go
 in your bed room, instead of thinking what a mess it will give you lots
 of satisfaction knowing the bed is made and it looks nice.