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Is Free Shipping Better ??

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Is Free Shipping
Better Or Not?

We are always getting ask,why we do not do free shipping.Well its in the interest of our customers we do not do
free shipping (Bet you are thinking why? ) Because it saves customers money.Will give you an example of this below.

You Order From Us
1,Double Quilt Cover Set
1,King Size Quilt Cover Set
2,Bath Towels
Total £45.98 Plus £3.99 Shipping (Because Its Under £50)
Grand Total £49.95.

If You Was To Order The Simulate Items From Some One Who Does Free Shipping
You Would Actually Pay For 4 Shipping Charges In Most Cases.As You Are Ordering
4 Items.Lets Say The Free Shipping Site Charges An Average Of £3 Per Item.That Equals
An Overall Charge Of £12,Which Is £8.01 More Than Paying The £3.99 Shipping Charge.

This Is Why We Only Offer Free Shipping Over £75.
Its not just Century Mills who does this.A lot of famous on-line stores do the same
i.e. Dunhelm,Next plus many more.

So Please Remember Its Not Always Best To Have Free Shipping.