FAQs What Are Flannelette Sheets?

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Flannelette sheets and quilt covers are made from 100% brushed cotton fabric.
That will keep you warm all night long.

FAQs What are flannelette sheets?
Well flannelette sheets are 100% cotton sheets that have
been brushed at the factory on a special machine, so it gives the cotton fabric a soft fluffy feel that will help keep you warm all night long.

Other words that can describe the flannelette are brushed cotton and Winceyette.These all mean the same, Winceyette is a word that was used a long time ago but is still used to day, brushed cotton is the most up to date name as it describes the item better.

Which ever name you know it by, one thing is sure, these soft sheets will help you have a lovely nights sleep.

The sheets are best washed first before you use them as it will make them fluffier and soft, plus some factories treat them before they are packed, so they can be packed Easier.

The flannelette is been used to make quilt covers as well now, which have been very popular in the cold winter months. We have a full range of colours in some lovely designs for you to select from, so please take a look, we have some new designs coming in but

These will not be in until September.