How To Contrast Bedding Sets With Cushions

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Contrasting Bedding Sets And
Cushions To Transform The Look
Of My Bedroom.
This Will Help Give Your Bedroom
A Luxurious Feel.

 Contrasting bedding sets and duvet sets to cushions is quite simple really you just

Need to know the colours that will contrast with your bedding, a lot of Bedding

Sets now have matching cushions available in the range you will buy, but if you want

A personal look you can add as much or as less as you want.

Its all about your own personal taste? For instance if you go to your local pub or

restaurant you will see colours and designs you would never put together because

These company’s pay a lot of money for designers to do this, and there is nothing

To stop you doing the same to give your bedroom a personal touch.

So just pay attention to what you see when you are out and about and you will get

some really good Ideas that will transform your bedroom.

A lot of people say how many cushions should I have on my bed? Well this is completely

Up to the individual taste, you can add as much colour as you want, I do think having different

Sizes and styles makes it look more luxurious but it’s up to personal taste, it would be a very

Boring world if we all liked the same colours and designs.


Hope this has helped with your design dilemma.