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We are a family owned business established for more than 40 years. Century Mills are well known for good quality and value for money.

We have a huge selection of Products across a broad spectrum including Bedding, Curtains, Towels,RugsHome Ware.Kitchenware,Mirrors.Callers are welcome to Century Mills as we carry a great range of products. This website only carries a small selection of the great buys available in store.

Here at Century Mills we have been selling textiles and bedlinen for over 40 years.We started with two stalls in Sheffield markets, which i can tell you was very hard work even more so in the winter when it was freezing cold and windy, but we had good times and everyone helped each other.
Then we had 3 shops in Sheffield City Centre, these were on short leases to see if we could make it profitable because the rent and rates were very expensive, we did ok as by this time we had started importing bedding and towels from Portugal and at this time the only place people in Sheffield could buy bedding was in the big department stores and our prices were a lot cheaper, this is when it took off, we could not get enough stock for the amount of business we were doing.This went on for about 8 years. Then when meadow hall shopping opened it just changed, I will never forget the day meadow hall opened. It was a Thursday and Sheffield City Centre was like a ghost town. I thought "this is not good" and after about 2 years we came out of the shops we had at the time.
And also, at this time we had a large warehouse so we took the chance of opening to the public. WOW! this transformed everything  and we were so busy,we were the talk of Sheffield as no- one had done this before, it was before the likes of M
atalan. Looking back we could have been a multi national company same as them.
THEN a few years later the internet started, I remember talking to a friend of mine at the time and he said it would not last.  People shopping without seeing the item, it will not last its just a fad? Well how wrong he was. Its the biggest thing since the wheel was invented.
We got our first website about 5 years ago and we have changed it about 3 times to make it more user friendly (hope it has worked) and it now accounts for about 65% of our business and goes from strength to strength. Its also good for our local customers to have a look and see what’s new, we have lots of new designs and colours added every week.

Hope You Enjoyed Reading This Brief Account Of How Century Mills Started,Thank you For Reading It,And Welcome To Our Website.

Our Opening Times In Store Are;
Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday & Friday 9am Till 4.45pm
Thursday 9am Till 6.45pm
Saturday 10am Till 4.45pm
Sunday   10am Till 3.45pm

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